New Year, New Food Challenge

New Year, New Food Challenge

During the months of January & February (2020), we are running our newest promotion and we want to challenge you to switch to a food that you can feel good about feeding your pup and fits your budget.  We think this is a win-win opportunity for you and your pet PLUS you could potentially win FREE food for a year!.

Read on for more details...

"Up your game" in your dog’s nutrition!

Through proper holistic nutrition, you can alleviate many of the 'ailments’ our pets experience...dry skin, dull coats, allergies (itching and licking), gassy stomachs, etc.  These ailments are related to substandard food and inconsistent formulas.

As a main focus of Dee-O-Gee from the very beginning, we offer a wide range of reasonably priced, high-quality foods with a variety of formula options, as well as Montana’s largest selection of natural pet supplements.

How does the "New Year, New Food Challenge" work?

It's an easy, two-step process...

1.  Bring in your EMPTY bag of large dog food (10 lbs or greater) from any box store or grocery store and receive a FREE 5# bag of food (Nature's Logic or Venture) from us.

2.  Bring in the empty 5# bag from Dee-O-Gee (after your dog finishes it) and receive $10 OFF your next big bag of Nature's Logic or Venture.

You said FREE food for a year?!!

That's right!  Complete both steps before the end of February 2020 and you'll automatically be entered to win FREE Dog Food for a year!

Want to know more?

Reach out to us on social media, call us or stop by the store...we'd be happy to answer any questions you have!