Grooming & DIY Dog Wash

Professional Dog Grooming in Kalispell, MT

Our licensed and experienced dog groomers will take the utmost care of your dog or cat in the Flathead Valley. We use ONLY all-natural shampoos, aromatherapy and leave-in conditioners. You can trust our award-winning groomers with your furry kid!

We strongly believe in the finest all-natural grooming products for your dog or cat. Many shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or salt and can irritate or dry your pooch’s skin. At Dee-O-Gee we’ve selected the finest natural and organic spa products, suitable for pets with the most sensitive of skin.



 - All-natural Hypoallergenic Shampoos (Oatmeal, Mango Tango, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe)

 - All-natural aromatherapy

 - Custom nail painting (optional)

 - Anal gland expression (optional)

 - Teeth Brushing (optional)

Book your appointment today!

We typically book out a few weeks in advance … act now to reserve your grooming appointment (cats and big dogs included). In addition, we offer nail clipping, teeth brushing and anal gland expression by appointment.

Call 406-300-1356 to schedule your appointment now!

Each grooming visit includes:

 - nails trimmed

 - eyes cleaned/wiped (all-natural wipes)

 - ears cleaned or plucked (all-natural wipes)

 - complimentary home-made bakery treat

Can't pick up when your dog is done?

No worries. Just schedule your dog for a spot at Day Camp and your furry kid can hang out with our crew. Easy peasy!



DIY Dog Wash

Give your bathroom and your back a rest and bring your d-o-g to Dee-O-Gee KSPL! 

We provide...

The tubs & water, all natural shampoos, towels, a high-powered dryer and brushes & nail trimmers.  Everything you DON’T have at home!

You provide...

Your dirty dog, a good attitude and eagerness to have fun with your furry kid!


For new puppies or newly adopted dogs

Bring in your new puppy or newly adopted pup within the first 30 days* of adding a new ‘furry kid’ to your family and the first DIY wash is on us! We love this special time when a new dog comes home and it helps to ease the transition if your dog is clean and smelling good.

*For non-puppies, must show paperwork from animal shelter within 30 days of adoption to qualify.