DIY Dog Wash

The DIY Dog Wash Experience at Dee-O-Gee Kalispell

Give your bathroom (and your back) a rest & bring your d-o-g to Dee-O-Gee Kalispell for a truly outstanding bath courtesy of YOU!

We provide...

The tubs & water, shampoo / conditioner, towels, a high-powered blower and brushes...everything you DON’T have at home!

You provide...

Your dirty dog, some "elbow grease" and a fun experience with your furry kid!  All we ask is for a little assistance at the end of your wash to help us keep our space clean and tidy.  Otherwise, easy peasy!


For new puppies or newly adopted dogs

Bring in your newly adopted "family member" within the first 30 days* and the first DIY wash is on us!  We love this special time when a new dog comes home and it helps to ease the transition if your dog is clean and smelling good.

*For non-puppies, must show paperwork from animal shelter within 30 days of adoption to qualify.